Sri Lankan Taxi Hailing App PickMe Under Fire Again Over Scamming Drivers Who Overcharge Customers: Poor Customer Support Adds To The Troubles

September 02, 2019

Sri Lanka's taxi-hailing app PickMe has come under fire again over its scamming drivers who overcharge customers.

Several customers have complained on Facebook that PickMe drivers are continuing to scam customers by starting hires even before they arrive at the location or as they arrive at the location.

"No longer are we notified that the vehicle has arrived and given ten minutes to board. As a woman, I don’t actively take on the drivers, but I unfailing complain on the app, to no avail. At no instance has PickMe got back to me based on a complaint I have made on the app. Today, this happened to me twice. And when I finally asked one of the drivers why he started the hire before I arrived, he cited some PickMe Internal price changes. So basically, PickMe has increased the levy on drivers, and so drivers have started scamming customers to make up for it, and PickMe isn’t going to do anything about it?," a prominent Sri Lankan journalist had posted on the PickMe Facebook page.

"When I asked him if it was company policy to start hires as they arrived without waiting ten minutes he said very defensively that drivers can do as they please," she also added.

Many PickMe users had commented on the post saying they too underwent the same experience and their complaints went unheeded.

PickMe, one of the prominent Sri Lankan taxt hailing apps, is no stranger to controversies. The company has come under the spotlight in the past over a wide range of issues including errant drivers and other forms of alleged malpractices.

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