Pro-Sajith Pramadasa Rally Currently Underway In Kurunegala: Ajith P. Perera Says Large Number Of Supporters Attending Rally

September 05, 2019

Pro-Sajith Premadasa group in the UNP is currently holding a rally in Kurunagala in support of Premadasa's presidential bid.

Minister Ajith P. Perera posted on social media that a large number of supporters are currently attending the rally.

This is the third public rally to project Premadasa as the Presidential candidate of the UNP.

However, the UNP has already initiated disciplinary action against Sujeewa Senasinghe and Ajith P. Perera for their critical remarks on the party leadership.

The UNP has officially announced that it was "unconstitutional" to nominate the party's presidential candidate before the formal declaration of the Presidential election.

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