Karu Enters The Fray: Speaker Signals His Keenness To Run For Presidency With The Blessings Of All Parties In UNF-led Alliance

September 17, 2019

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya issued a statement signalling that he intends to run for the presidency as the candidate of the United National Front-led alliance.

In his statement, Jayasuriya said a number of Buddhist monks. religious leaders and civil society representatives met him over the past few days and requested him to run for the presidency.

"If I run for the presidency," Jayasuriya said, "my only objective would be to abolish the Executive Presidency while strengthening the democratic reforms introduced by the 17th and 19th Amendments to the Constitution."

Jayasuriya also made it clear that he would fulfil these tasks within a limited period, with unwavering commitment.

However, the Speaker said he would run for the presidency with the blessings of all parties associated with the United National Front. He also maintained that he would only become a candidate according to the provisions slated in the party constitution.

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