Hizbullah Is Running For Presidency Due To A Secret Pact With The Rajapaksas: UNP MP Mujiber Rahuman

Former Eastern Province Chief Minister M.L. A.M. Hizbullah is running for the presidency due to a secret pact with the Rajapaksas, UNP MP Mujiber Rahuman said.

The objective of Hizbullah is to prevent progressive Muslims from voting for the New Democratic Front candidate Sajith Premadasa, Rahuman said, addressing a press conference.

He said members of the Rajapaksa family had persuaded Hizbullah to run for the Presidential election.

Hizbullah came under severe criticism from the Rajapaksa camp following the Easter Sunday explosions due to his alleged links with extremist religious groups. The backlash forced him to resign from the Eastern Province Governorship.

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