"Intelligence Authorities Informed Me Last year That Two Policemen In Vavuniya Were Killed By Religious Extremists": Gota Says At Campaign Rally

November 05, 2019

SLPP Presidential candidate Gotabhaya Rajapaksa today revealed that the intelligence authorities personally informed him that the killling of the two policemen in Vavuniya was not carried out by LTTE activists.

Speaking at an election rally today, he said some intelligence officials told him that the killing seemed to be an act committed by religious extremists.

"I told them to inform the CID. I am sure they have done so. But the matter did not proceed from there onwards. If there was a proper investigation into this incident at that point, the Easter Sunday explosions could have been avoided," Rajapaksa said.

Two individuals, ex-members of the LTTE, were arrested by the Police in relation to the killings last year.

They were released recently when terrorist ring leader Zaharan Hashim's driver confessed to the killings.

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