Party At Hilton For Orphans: Runaway Bride, Or Cheating Bridegroom: More Than One Side To The Story

November 08, 2019

The internet has been awash recently with the story of a young man who was stood up at the altar after his fiancee ran off with another man five days before their wedding.

Rather than wallow in grief, the young man in question had invited some 200 orphans to the Hilton, where his wedding was due to take place, and all payments made, and had given them the best time of their lives.

The video of this event is currently circulating widely on social media: in it, children can be seen dancing happily to the music of a live band. Many had commented on the video that has gone viral, commending the young man for his actions.

However, an alternate story has now emerged: Speaking on behalf of the ‘runaway’ fiancee, friends say the wedding was called off after she found evidence that the groom-to-be had cheated on her months before the wedding.

In a message now being shared on social media, the unidentified girl says, ‘ I was left with two options; 1. To forgive him and go ahead with the wedding in hopes that he would not repeat his actions. 2. To call off the wedding because cheating is a definite deal breaker.’

She explains that although her fiancé had admitted his wrongdoing to her, he had shied away from taking responsibility for his actions in front of his parents, denying allegations and pretending they were baseless rumours.

‘Having carefully thought through my options, I finally decided to call off the wedding,’ she said, but was dismayed at the stories being fabricated and told about her—especially the one that she had eloped with another man five days before the wedding.

While commending her ex-fiancee for hosting orphans on what would have been the day they pledge their lifelong commitment to each other, she asks if that negate his cheating and lying.

‘It does not do well to do an act of charity and goodwill based on a lie,’ she has said.

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