Over Rs. 1 Billion Already Spent By Main Political Parties For Campaign Ads And Propganda Thus Far: SLPP The Biggest Spender

November 08, 2019

Election Monitors have said the main presidential candidates are estimated to have spent Rs. 1.2 billion for their campaign advertisements and propaganda thus far.

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence (CMEV) said in a report that the SLPP is the biggest spender for advertising and propaganda at this election.

The party is estimated to have spend Rs. 750 million for campaign Ads and propaganda thus far.

The NDF has so far spent Rs. 450 million for their campaign.

According to the report, the National People's Power (NPP) has spent Rs. 31 million for their campaign propaganda, thus far.

The campaign costs are expected to increase drastically during the final week of the election campaign.

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