Champika Ranawaka Meets Mahanayakes Of The Malwatte And Asgiriya Chapters With A Letter From NDF Candidate Premadasa

November 13, 2019

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka met the chief iuncumbents of the Asgiriya and Malwatte chapters with a letter from NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa that the latter would protect the prominent place accorded to Buddhism by the constitution.

Ranawaka attended the meetings a special representative of the NDF Presidential candidate, a party spokesman said.

At a meeting with the Mahanayaka Thera of the Malwatte chapter, Ranawaka explained that the Rajapaksa camp had spread rumours that Premadasa would compromise on the current status accorded to Buddhism.

He also added that Premadasa would protect the unitary status of the country and he has made it clear in his election manifesto.

The Minister also met Anunayake Theras of both chapters and discussed political matters with them as well.

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