President Promotes 63 Army Officers To Their Respective Next Ranks: Largest Segment Of Promotion In Recent Times [See Full List]

December 17, 2019

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa promoted 63 Senior Officers to their respective next ranks, retrospectively.

This was one of the largest segment of promotions made in recent times, a communiqué of the Military Secretariat Branch announced this evening (16).

According to the new promotions, 4 new Major Generals, 25 Brigadiers and 34 Lieutenant Colonels of the Army have been appointed. The list of newly-promoted senior officers is as follows

To the Rank of Major General :

Brigadier W S Rajakaruna USP (O/60982).

Brigadier ALPS Tillekerathna RWP RSP USP psc (O/60731).

Brigadier WMJRK Senaratne RWP RSP (O/60738).

Brigadier AGD N Jayasundera RWP RSP (O/60742).

To the Rank of Brigadier with effect from 20 November 2019 :

Colonel J B Randeniya (O/60972).

Colonel W L Premasiri USP (O/61077).

Colonel J PH Gamage USP AATO (O/61448).

Colonel MEP Weerasinghe USP ato (O/61471).

Colonel A L Ilangakoon (O/61459).

Colonel D P Hathurusingha USP (O/61453).

Colonel MWTC Mettananda USP (O/61431).

Colonel W SA Dissanayake RSP (O/61408).

Colonel WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP psc (O/61719).

Colonel AHLG Amarapala RWP RSP psc (O/61721).

Colonel S B Amunugama RWP RSP (O/61722).

Colonel HD K Heiyantuduwa RWP RSP (O/61723).

Colonel HMU Herath RWP RSP USP psc (O/61725).

Colonel EKW J Wijesiri RSP (O/61726).

Colonel S A Kulatunge RWP RSP USP psc (O/61500).

Colonel GM N Perera RWP RSP USP (O/61505).

Colonel DCVK Kulatunga USP (O/61506).

Colonel PADTU Perera (O/61508).

Colonel PGPS Rathnayaka RWP RSP (O/61513).

Colonel WTW G lhalage RWP RSP psc (O/61518).

With effect from 28 November 2019 :

Colonel HGPM Kariyawasam RSP psc IG (O/61522).

Colonel S Kasturimudali RSP psc (O/61529).

Colonel MAR Gunesekera RSP (O/61525).

Colonel M GAN B Mahathuwakkara RWP RSP (O/61514).

With effect from 15 December 2019 :

Colonel S J Priyadarshana RWP RSP USP (O/61531)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e.f 26 February 2014 :

Major PHA Rupasinghe SLCMP (O/63212)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e. f 11 March 2014 :

Major MCV Gomez SLAC (O/63270)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e. f 09 May 2014 :

Major RATS Ramanayaka RWP RSP VIR (O/63416)

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w.e.f 06 July 2014 :

Major GRRL Jayasinghe RSP GW (O/63445).

Major MAPSB Manchanayaka RWP RSP SLLI (O/63446).

Major JAC Padmakumara SLAGSC (O/63447).

Major KDC J Siriwardena RSP USP GR (O/63453).

Major C N Kathriarachchi RWP SLSR (O/63454).

Major MAGP Bandara GW (O/63455).

Major KAP Karawita RSP USP SLA (O/63510).

Major P S J Fernando USP SLE (O/63516).

Major PAR Wijerathne RWP RSP SLAC (O/63520).

To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel w. e. f 15 July 2014 :

Major D Sooriyaarachchi RWP RSP GR (O/64199).

Major M S lbbrahim SLSC (O/64200).

Major NWDA Nanayakkara RSP USP SLLI (O/64201).

Major BWDMRPSSBD Bulathwaththa RSP Isc MI (O/64206).

Major RMCKB Rathnayake RSP USP psc Isc MI (O/64213).

Major HDC Silva RWP RSP USP psc VIR (O/64216).

Major P W Karunaratne RSP USP GW (O/64221).

Major DMJR Dissanayake USP psc IG SLA (O/64223).

Major C M Liyanage SLE (O/64225).

Major RS Meegamaarachchi SLAGSC (O/64227).

Major KMG S Kodituwakku RSP GW (O/64231).

Major KAAK Karunaratne RWP RSP USP psc SLLI (O/64232).

Major C Sumanasekara RSP USP SLSR (O/64242).

Major RAJK Ranasinghe RWP RSP CR (O/64243).

Major DMBP B Dissanayake RSP USP SLA (O/64245).

Major RSPK Silva RSP USP SLAC (O/64246).

Major WBMMN Weerasekara RWP RSP USP GR (O/64250).

Major SBRAWMRTWSB Thoradeniya USP Lsc SLE (O/64253).

Major LAPM K Liyanaarachchi VIR (O/64254).

Major N L Nagahawaththa GW (O/64256).

Major GKN Wijesinghe SLSC (O/64259).

Major JAC S Jagoda psc SLE (O/64261).

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