Several Ruling Party Members Say Duminda Silva's Sentence Should Be Revisited In The Wake Of Leaked Telephone Conversations

Several lawmakers of the SLPP have indicated that the death sentence given to former MP Duminda Silva should be revisited in the wake of the 'leaked' telephone conversations between Ranjan Ramanayake, senior police officers and top judges.

Addressing a meeting in Matara, State Minister Kachana Wijesekera said justice should be served to those who were punished due to "interference" by Ranjan Ramanayake.

"All these telephone conversations should be released to the public to ascertain what exactly took place under the previous government," he added.

"They have influenced the judiciary and the Police to engineer prefered outcomes in certain high-profile cases," he said.

Meanwhile, MP Namala Rajapaksa, speaking in Parliament today, also echoed similar views.

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