"Avigan" arrives in Sri Lanka

Experts in Sri Lanka are about to launch research into the Japanese drug which has been found to be useful in reducing the complications of the COVID-19 virus.

Chairman of the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC) Dr. Prasanna Gunasena said that this will be coordinated with the intervention of the National Drug Regulatory Commission.

The stock of relevant drug which was ordered from Japan was shipped into the country yesterday (30).

However, it has not been established whether the drug can be used for coronavirus infected patients and it is still under research-level, said Dr. Gunasena.

Previously, Japan’s health minister said the government was considering using a drug called Avigan, also known as favipiravir, to treat patients sickened by COVID-19.

More than a month later, favipiravir has shown promise in two trials involving coronavirus patients, with more countries, all desperate for an answer to COVID-19, prepare to test its effectiveness, reports foreign media.

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