"Second COVID19 Patient Who Died At Negombo Hospital Could Have Been Saved If He Was Admitted To A State Hospital Earlier: Health Minister

Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi said the second COVID19 patient who died at the Negombo Base Hospital yesterday could have been saved if he had admitted himself to a state hospital earlier.

"Over and over again we have said, if you have symptoms, go to one of the 27 designated state hospitals that are prepared to deal with #COVID19. Instead, this person waited until the last moment and attempted to get himself admitted to a private hospital,'' the Health Minister said addressing a press conference.

"The private hospital had refused to admit him and directed him to the Negombo Base Hospital. At that stage the situation was so bad he was immediately admitted to the ICU where within the day he passed away. "

"We don't know how many people he would have come into contact with in the interim." She said that anyone with symptoms should get themselves admitted to one of the 27 designated state hospitals— "for the sake of your families, society and your country."

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