WSO2 Founder Sanjiva Weerawarna Resigns As ICTA Director: Cites "Structural Issues" As Reason For Resignation

WSO2 Founder Sanjiva Weerawarna has resigned from his position as a Director of ICTA - the apex state-run tech body.

Announcing his resignation, Weerawarna said he decided to step down due to some "differences" on the manner in which the organization should be run.

"I felt ICTA is an organization that needed a significant makeover and lacked a lot of technical depth (largest chunk of its employees are project managers) and so being on a board providing governance & oversight is not the way to get an architecture like this built. And given my nature and style, I would be a terrible board member in such an environment!," Weerawarna said.

"Differences of opinion amongst professionals is normal. That does not mean one is perfectly right and the other is perfectly wrong. For me personally, I decided that its best for me to leave rather than attempt to do something in a manner that I don’t believe will result in success," he also added.

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