Travel ban and summons issued against Condo developers

The Mount Lavinia Magistrate today issued summons and a travel ban on Suranee Thumilan and Sivarajah Thumilan of Blue Ocean Breeze condominium property developers.

The orders were issued following a private plaint filed by Rasaiah Leon an investor who had paid 275 million rupees for 6 apartments in Layards roads.

The plaint filed on behalf of the complainant said that from the inception the project was a fraud and moneys amounting to 1.5 billion had been taken by the Thumilans .

Counsel said that although the matter on the face of it was a civil transaction, the actions of the directors was criminal from inception.

The plaint said that the company had used various companies as a pretext to engage in illegal activities

It said that the condominium development industry was a mass fraud with many developers using it as a scheme to launder moneys.

Faizer Musthapha PC with Rasika Weerathunga, Mehran Careem , Hafeel Farisz , Srinath Sevevirathne , Harshana de Silva and Ameena Musthapha appeared for the complainant

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