Katuwapitiya Church suicide bomber's widow had fled to India-Police

The Katuwapitiya Church suicide bomber's widow Pulasthini Rajendran alias Sarah had fled to India by sea in September 2019, PCoI-probing on Easter Sunday’s attacks- Police Unit's Chief Inspector Arjuna Mahinkanda informed the Commission yesterday.
He said that the Police have sufficient evidence to prove it. He said the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) had detained a suspect believed to be Sarah's uncle on charges of helping her to flee to India from Kalawanchikudy after the Easter Sunday attacks.
The CI said Sarah was believed to have been in the house where the Saindamarudu attack took place on April 26, 2019 and later fled to India.
He said the according to an eye witness Sarah was at Mankandu, Kalmunai in September 2019.

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