Suspicions raised over death of former Miss Ceylon

Suspicions have been raised over the death of 1962 Miss Ceylon, Jeniffer Ingleton (nee Labrooy), after caretakers have laid claim to her property in Borella through a questionable will.

Ms. Ingleton's brother, Tony Hawke, living in the United Kingdon has alleged Ingleton was denied medical care and cut off from communication with her family and friends.

Ingleton was a 78-year-old widow with no children and no family in the country.

Attorney-at-Law Ian Fernando who is handling the case in Sri Lanka on behalf of Hawke said the will had the signatures of five people who had not left their addresses, which was suspicious.

He also said that investigations had revealed that records pertaining to Ms. Ingleton's immovable assets at the Land Registry had disappeared without trace.

Hawke, who alleges the caretaker had deliberately refrained from allowing his sister seek medical assistance in order to seize her assets, has asked for public help in seeking justice for Jeniffer.

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