UPDATE: ACJU Acting Secretary Who Was Caught While Recording Ganansara Thera's Evidence Resigns

September 11, 2020

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) issued a statement saying its Acting Secretary, who recorded the evidence given by Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera before the Presidential Commission probing Easter Sunday attacks yesterday, has stepped down from his position.

The PCOI has already ordered its Police unit to initate legal action against the person in question for recording the evidence given by Galabodaaththe Gnanasara Thera before the Commission.

The Thera was summoned to the Commission yesterday to record a statetement about the Easter Sunday attacks.

It came to the attention of officials at the commission that the ACJU Secretary was recording Gnanasara Thera's evidence with his mobile phone.

The use of mobile phones and recording the proceedings of the commission are strictly banned.

The Police took prompt measures to move him out of the commission premises and brought the matter to the attention of the members of the PCOI.

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