Bond Commission Instructs AG To Initiate Action Against Aloysius For Attempting To Influence Witness

The Presidential Commission inquiring into the Treasury Bonds scam instructed the Attorney General's Department to look into the possibility of taking action on an incident where Arjuna Aloysius allegedly attempted to influence a witness in the inquiry. 

The commission was informed that Aloysius, son in law of former Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran, had telephoned a witness in the bond commission inquiry. 

The commission then directed the AG's department to examine into the legal provisions to take further action against the controversial businessman. 

A company linked to Aloysius, Perpetual Treasuries, is at the centre of the Treasury bonds controversy. 

The commission's move comes a day after the Central Bank Monetary Board decided to suspend Perpetual Treasuries from functioning as a primary dealer for 6 months. 

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