Shiranthi - Yoshitha Before CID: Rohitha At FCID: Thajudeen Murder, Supreme SAT Project Probed

Former first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa appeared before the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) over the killing of Rugby player Wasim Thajudeen. 

Rajapaksa was questioned over a jeep belonging to the Siriliya Saviya organisation which was alleged to have been used for the murder of the Rugby player. The jeep had been donated to the organisation by the Sri Lanka Red Cross. 

Rajapaksa's son, Yoshitha Rajapaksa too is expected to appear before the CID today . CID sources said he would be questioned whether he sued the jeep under question on the day Thajudeen was killed.

Meanwhile, the youngest son of the Rajapaksa family, Rohitha Rajapaksa also appeared before the Police Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) over the Supreme SAT satellite project. 

Rohitha, the chief engineer of the project, was questioned as to how the funds came in for the ambitious project. 

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