'President Will Not Dissolve Parliament Immediately' - Prof. Vitharana

Senior Minister Prof. Tissa Vitharana refuted rumors stating that the parliament will be dissolved immediately after the presidential election if President Rajapaksa wins it.

Speaking at a meeting of party leaders supporting the president in Colombo yesterday, he said that constitutional reforms will be carried out within the term of this parliament.

He added that there was no doubt about the victory of the president and said that after the victory a constitutional committee will be formed to draft a new constitution. This will be done within a year, he stated, and pointed out that there was no need of dissolving the parliament.

Meanwhile Prof. Vitharana also commented on charges of corruption, indimidation and curtailment of media freedom leveled at the government sayiong that the United National Party regime of 1977-94 saw a serious level of such malpractices. He questioned as to how a opposition alliance which includes the UNP will assure that these will not take place once it is in power.

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