Sri Lanka Tourism Launches Latest Campaign With Media Agency Group

‘Visit Sri Lanka’ is the latest marketing strategy by the country’s official tourism bureau and will promote the website, on taxis across three of the UK’s biggest cities: Manchester, Birmingham and London. 
A massive fleet of 300 cabs (100 in each city) will display 600 Taxi Supersides with stunning visual imagery and the tagline, ‘Sri Lanka 2014, A journey awaits.’

Directed by Media Agency Group, the campaign will take a heavyweight approach to maximise national coverage. A preview starts on August 4th in London featuring 6 cabs and 12 Supersides.

The remaining fleet will be released on August 11th. The campaign will run for a total of 12 weeks. The campaign will blend seamlessly onto each city’s taxi cabs, using clear branding to promote Sri Lanka as a destination of true beauty, excitement and history.

The Supersides will be bolstered by Tip Seat and Receipt Pad advertising inside each of the taxis as standard. 
An ideal way to promote a business or project a message to a target city, taxi advertising offers a high-impact approach to effective marketing. 
Reinforcing the campaign with interior advertising ensures reach to an even wider demographic by targeting passengers as well as pedestrians and fellow road users.
(TravelDailyNews Asia)

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