Revolutionary “Samagi Yathaartha” Insurance Plan From Co-operative Insurance

Co-operative Insurance Company Limited, the third largest network in Sri Lanka, launched a new insurance plan “Samagi Yathaartha” at a simple ceremony which was held at their headquarters recently.

The Samagi Yathaartha has already made an impact among the community for being a trustworthy insurance solution which helps in all sorts of life events, either sad or happy.

The launching ceremony was attended by Co-operative Insurance Company Limited the chairman Lalith A Peiris, Managing Director Upali Herath, Head of Sales & Marketing -Life,Chandana Premathillake and Brand Manager Chinthaka Niranga.

Company chairman Lalith A Peiris said that Co-operative Insurance Company which has been a trustworthy partner for the people in the rural areas, are immensely benefited from the new SamagiYathaartha Plan offers.

“It is impossible to access the value of a human life, but we will do our best to do the best that we can to make things easy for the insured”, said Managing Director Upali Herath.

The Head of life – Sales & Marketing ChandanaPremathillake said that the Samagi Yathaartha life insurance plan has revolutionized the insurance market in Sri Lanka.

ChandanaPremathilleke who heads the life insurance division (Sales& Marketing) of the Co-operative Insurance Company since early 2013, is a experienced campaigner with over 25 years of experience in the field of Insurance, and holds the Postgraduate Degrees (MBA) from Faculty of Business Studies & Finance of Wayamba and from the University of Peradeniya.

He also has followed diplomas in Marketing from Chartered Institute of Marketing   and Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing.

He further said that  he is committed to serve the customers in the best way he can, with all his expertise since the Cooperative Insurance Company is the only Company who cater to all market segments in the country while most of the other companies are only targeting the high end customers,

The Co-operative Insurance Company Limited is the only company in Sri Lanka which links the clients, business partner and shareholders as integrated stakeholders' group who would enjoy the benefits of coming together.

The Co-operative Insurance Company Limited was formed as a result of labor by the cooperative movement along with well wishers, which started its operation on March 2nd 1999. With years of expertise in the field of insurance, the company has gained trust of people in Sri Lanka, having accounted for over three billion rupees in their financial portfolio. Co-operative Insurance has progressed now in to a fast growing venture in the field of insurance in Sri Lanka and the company is on a fast track when it comes to growth in the competitive market, under the security of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The CICL is a member of global community of 120 co-operative Insurance Companies in 65 countries in the developed and developing world.

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