“FACETS Sri Lanka 2014” Engages Local Stall Holders

FACETS Sri Lanka 2014, the International Gem and Jewellery Show, that showcases hundreds of local and foreign exhibitors held the final stall holders meeting, at the Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association Secretariat in Colombo recently. The meeting was preceded by The FACETS organizing committee and the board members of Sri Lanka Gem and Jewellery Association including, Past Chairman Deshabandu M. Macky Hashim, Current Chairman A.P Jayarajah, Chairman FACETS Mr. Juzar Adamally, Ziqufi Ismail, Mushtaq Jabir and Ismath Majeed.

More than 100 local stall holders were present and were briefed on the developments for this year's expo, which will be held for the 24th consecutive year. The exhibitors also had the opportunity to discuss, clarify and share their ideas during the meeting. Local stall holders were also able to experience the new enhanced stall and showcases firsthand, new branding developments at this gathering.

Juzar Adamaly, Chairman of FACETS Sri Lanka 2014 said, “Up to date we have sold every single booth pre-the booth holders meeting which is a first. This is indeed a positive sign for this year's exhibition and the future and we wish all stall holders the very best. At this moment I would like to thank the committees involved, and all the sponsors who made this a reality".

Project Secretary Ziqufi Ismail presented the new extensive development programme to uplift the look and feel and the total ambience of the international expo. He also noted the enhancements made to the booth showcases this year with LED lighting and other technological advancements. Other significant areas including operational plans, security, and clearance were broadly discussed.

One of the stall holders sharing his thoughts said, "We look forward to take part in FACETS every year to support such international initiatives and empower our industry further. I am happy about the development plan and the implementation for this year, it is a very encouraging platform for businesses like us. This is a good opportunity to feature our offering to the international market".

The organizing committee was upbeat about the entire 155 booths been sold out and expects over 10,000 foot fall this year throughout the four days of the exhibition. A total number of 76 buyers from China and over 35 Indian buyers have confirmed. Over a 100+ international buyer delegation will be attending the show across China, India, Myanmar, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, USA, Russia and Germany.

FACETS 2014 will include a comprehensive seminar program on the 5th of September at the BMICH which will be conducted by local and international subject experts. A networking session with the international delegates is also organized on the 6th of September at The Kingsbury Hotel Colombo further creating business collaboration with the visiting international delegation.

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