A “Fridge Within A Fridge” – Samsung’s Innovative Food Showcase Refrigerator

Digital technology leader, Samsung Electronics recently introduced the world’s first Food Showcase refrigerator, the latest smart refrigerator in the Samsung range. This state-of-the-art refrigerator offers a “fridge within a fridge” design that provides the entire family with quick and easy access to their favourite food items. This innovative refrigerator also provides a 36 percent saving on energy consumption and is therefore more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Commenting on the design of the Samsung Food Showcase refrigerator, H.K. Chang, Managing Director, Samsung Electronics India - Sri Lanka Branch Office stated “The Food Showcase refrigerator’s design is based on the requirements of our consumers and their lifestyles. Consumers need quick access to food items and don’t want to spend time looking for stored items. The innovative design of the Food Showcase refrigerator enables consumers to instantly access snacks and food items, as per their liking and requirement. This refrigerator also saves more energy and is designed to fulfill Samsung’s commitment to protect, conserve and renew energy. Children can easily access their food items without any hassle and mothers don’t have to worry about their children messing up the fridge or keeping the door open. The unique design of the refrigerator also ensures freshness of food and maintains the nutritional value of all stored items. This innovative product aligns with Samsung’s mission to provide our consumers with simple and practical solutions that meet their everyday needs.”


Samsung’s Food Showcase refrigerator is designed to make the maximum use of space and includes six generous cases to store specific types of food (cheeses, sauces, drinks and other items). The family friendly ShowCase provides clearly defined zones for frequently used food items and the much larger Inner Case ensures that longer-lasting items remain fresh. The refrigerator’s Metal Cooling guard on the inside of the front door helps maintain the optimal temperature within the fridge, so food stays fresh, even if the door is frequently opened and closed.  The Samsung Food Showcase refrigerator maintains the freshness of food for up to seven days and provides a 36 percent saving on energy. The refrigerator’s eco-friendly and energy-efficient design reduces the product’s impact on the planet and also saves money in the long run.  With the touch of a button, the stainless steel ice and water dispenser provides a refreshing glass of chilled filtered water or a pitcher of cubed or crushed ice. This is available with or without a water dispenser depending on customer preference. The refrigerator’s slide and fold shelf adds extra flexibility and can easily be folded or raised. The adjustable storage enables consumers to fit items of any size into the refrigerator, including large bottles and bulky containers. The timeless chic design of the refrigerator is refined and combines premium style with modern elegance.  This smart refrigerator has also been designed to harmoniously blend into any sleek modern pantry or kitchen.


The Samsung Food Showcase refrigerator is highly energy efficient and ensures 31 percent faster cooling and has digital invertor technology that reduces noise by 50 percent. The refrigerator is available in both metal and white. For more information about the Samsung Food Showcase refrigerator, kindly contact the Samsung hotline on  011 7540 540, or contact our Samsung authorized distributors across the island; Singer on  011 5400 400 and Softlogic on 011 5705 705 . 

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