The Ceylon Chamber Publishes A Book On ‘Apparel Sector”

September 01, 2014

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce has published a book outlining key insights of the global apparel sector, including the local apparel sector’s current status.

Titled, “Apparel Sector 2013”, the publication contains vital information, which will help industry players and interested stakeholders become aware of important details of the sector, including current trends.

Among the contents that includes in the publication are, Global Apparel Sector Insights, details about the top 25 global markets for exports and imports of Apparel, The European market for apparel, Product wise leading exporters and importers in the global market, a chapter on Sri Lanka’s Apparel Industry, Sri Lanka’s Apparel sector’s export and import markets and Product wise Exports and Imports of Apparel from Sri Lanka etc.

“Apparel Sector 2013” also includes a comparison of the local apparel sector’s performance made during the year 2013 compared to the year 2012 performances.

The latest publication by the Chamber provides the apparel sector operators an ideal tool to identify potential niche markets to enter in future, along with several other vital information.

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