Allianz Global Healthcare Now In Sri Lanka

September 02, 2014

Allianz Lanka launched the exclusive Allianz Global Healthcare Plan for the protection of its customers in Sri Lanka.

Allianz Global Healthcare Insurance is a comprehensive international medical cover that meets the healthcare needs of the policyholder and his/her family, anywhere in the world,except in the USA and Canada.

A single solution for all healthcare needs, from pre-to post hospital care, in first class healthcare facilities the world over is now within easy reach, coupled with the flexibility to choose when and by whom one would like to seek medical attention, whether at home or overseas.

Allianz Global Healthcare is one of the most generous and flexible international health insurance plans, and places few restrictions on how money is spent for medical treatment and services. It meets medical costs up to USD 1.5 million cover annually and has no deductions.

The plan is available in three packages – Classic, Gold and Premier. Even air or surface evacuation to the nearest suitable hospital in extreme emergencies is provided for and in the event of death, arrangements could be made either for repatriation of the remains or for local burial.

The healthcare plan also has access to emergency assistance provided round- the- clock by a special Allianz medical centre.

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