BIA phase II development to kick off this month with Rs.107bn from Japan

November 16, 2020

The second phase development of the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Katunayake will kick off from November 18 with a funding of Rs.107 billion from Japan, making it the largest development project since 2014.

State Minister of Aviation and Exports Zones Development D.V. Chanaka in a statement to the media said by taking into account the latest developments in the field of aviation, BIA will be modified to suit the rapidly transforming world. 

“Expansion of airport capacity is the chief objective of the new terminals’ construction. It is expected that the passenger handling capacity of BIA be increased from existing 6 million to 15 million passengers a year,” said Chanaka.

 Scheduled to reach completion in three years, the new multi-level terminal would expand over an area of 180, 000 square meters. It will entail separate departure and arrival terminals—making the airport more passenger-friendly. The State Minister shared that the project is planned to be carried out using the latest technological expertise, which would help execute the project in an environmentally friendly manner.

“The advanced technology would help us save 40 percent water and 20 percent energy, making the second phase development of the BIA a green project,” he added.

In addition to the building of the second terminal, the airport will have its parking capacity expanded with the construction of a five-storied parking area. 

All the entry roads to BIA will be developed under the project while the infrastructure facilities will be uplifted as well.

According to Chanaka, increased number of travellers are expected when the pandemic eases out, and Sri Lanka is gearing up to cater to the “increasing aviation service requirement”. 

“Steps will be taken to enhance the functionality of key areas such as efficiency of customer service and staff as well as the safety of passengers,” said the State Minister while pointing out that the project will create a large number of employment opportunities.  He expressed confidence that on completion, the standard of BIA would elevate encouraging leading airlines to come to Sri Lanka.  “It is our goal to make BIA one of the main facets of Sri Lanka’s economy. BIA will function as a gateway that takes the locally manufactured products of small and medium scale entrepreneurs to the international market,” said Chanaka. 

He stressed that BIA has the capacity to function as a “facilitator to Sri Lanka’s most lucrative economic hubs such as Colombo Port City and Hambantota Port.”

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