The Karnivore, launches to offer a masterclass of gourmet meat and barbecue dishes

The Sri Lankan culinary landscape, is set to experience a new concept, that aims to rewrite the notion of a meat and barbecue restaurant.

This new concept arrives with the launch of The Karnivore, a restaurant that promises an ultimate dining experience of succulent meats backed by the dedication that is built into the craft of serving high end barbecue.

Weaving together the many threads of what fine dining in meat and barbecue means, from service, innovation, good food, top talent and consistency, they offer a truly delectable variety of meat dishes from across the world that have been given the unique twist of the ‘The Karnivore’ flavouring.

Located at Nawala, the restaurant is aimed at anyone that has a passion for slow cooked quality food, that can be sampled and savoured at leisure .

The dishes served at The Karnivore also include abundant health benefits. The meat is cooked in its natural essence with no added sauce or preservatives and is hand-picked and marinated with a curated touch. Furthermore, what makes The Karnivore that much more special is that customers can actually enjoy the meat without any added flavouring which is an experience of its own. This means that each of the dishes are grilled or cooked to perfection and are accompanied with a collection of home-made sauce on the side, that is put together with carefully chosen ingredients. The collection includes a delightful BBQ sauce, onion sauce, tartar sauce and rosemary sauce that stands out on its own. The choicest ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil is used in our cooking to ensure food quality while delivering health benefits.

All the prime cuts of meat used are personally selected from reputed suppliers, sourced locally and are fine cuts with very minimal fat.

Some of the most signature dishes at the restaurant are the Jumbo prawns and Combo dishes among the famous sea food Paella that has been given a unique Lankan twist with the inclusion of the renowned Kochchi chili. Their star dish is the Karnivore combo which features the whole range of meats and seafood.

 The key figures behind this much-loved concept interestingly consist of a computer systems analyst, one of the most senior chartered accountants and auditors in the industry and a Sri Lankan businessman from Japan that include Hasitha Kalansuriya, Nalinda Bamunusinghe and Roshan Gunawardane.

Outlining the concept behind the restaurant, Nalinda stated that “We have recognized a market gap in high end BBQ and meat dishes, thereby, it is with this in mind that we have decided to introduce fine dine culture into a menu of meats and barbecue that is loved by people of all ages.

The kitchen is manned by a team of expert chefs, F&B staff  and captain, all of whom account for many years of experience both locally and overseas .

The Karnivore offers its customers the options of Dine in,Take Away and Delivery,   with 100% compostable containers made from Bagasse which is a by product of Sugar Cane and is 100% environmentally friendly .

Seating at The Karnivore, is in two tiers, with the downstairs section set for family dining. The restaurant also has two private room that could be used for events, private parties and functions. Alongside these specialities, live music is provided  three days a week featuring renowned music personalities.

Set to arguably attract those with a sophistication in taste for flavorful meat based saviour faire, The Karnivore also promises a host themed and interesting events in the coming months. 

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