The Bank of Ceylon Celebrates its 82nd Anniversary

“Banker’s to the Nation”, Bank of Ceylon completes 82 years of leading the Sri Lankan Banking and  Finance landscape. Taking pride in its unparalleled performance over these years, the bank has been  able to provide a forward-thinking, resilient, and advanced financial services to the nation while  extending its penetration into overseas markets. 

The official celebration took place at the Bank’s Head Office Premise with the patronage of the Bank’s  Chairman Mr. Kanchana Ratwatte and the General Manager Mr. D.P.K. Gunasekera. A multi-religious  ceremony also took place to invoke blessings on the Bank, its management and staff, all its customers  and stakeholders. The Bank has organized several events and programs to commemorate this special  occasion.  

In line with the Anniversary Celebrations, the Bank ceremoniously launched the “Export Circle” at the  Bank’s Head Office building by the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa via virtual screen  from Temple Trees. With the acknowledgement and well wishes extended by the Honorable Prime  Minister, the event proceeded with the participation of the bank’s management and staff and its  customers. Aiming to support the country’s export sector the “Export Circle” is built around the concept  of the circle that gives the 360-degree perspective of incorporating the entire gamut of financial as well  as advisory needs of exporters. 

The Bank of Ceylon also launched the “Smart Salary Saver” account aiming at Professionals and other  salaried employees and the extended its “Multi Currency Travel Card- MCTC” facilities to students travelling to foreign universities for higher studies. These timely initiatives will add value to customers to  conveniently manage their needs and build financial strength overtime.  

Export Circle. 

The move was initiated by the Trade Finance Division of BOC with the aim of accommodating exporters  from all-walks-of-life. This fully-fledged one stop export unit which is located at the Bank’s Head Office  “Trade Services” department, is built with a state-of-the-art ambiance to add a relaxed and pleasant  customer experience. With the intention of accommodating the financial and non-financial needs of  these exporters and their supply chain management, this novel ‘circle’ concept will provide a tailor made service with a credit package and a new deposit scheme. Among many useful facilities that the  exporters will experience are the trade information-desk which will provide up to date, end-to-end  supply chain information, high standard advisory/consultancy services which is expected to iron out  issues that could immerge when carrying out export transactions. Assistance of business registration  related services from documentation to other procedures comes in very handy to the exporter. 

BOC Smart Salary Saver. 

“BOC Smart Salary Saver” is a product with a series of novel features and digital value additions offered  to permanent employees across government, semi-government, and private sector institutions and  professionals. The offer is ready for those employees with a remittance of a proven monthly take home  salary of LKR 25,000 minimum. The Initial deposit is LKR 2,000/-. However, there is no monthly fee or  service charge. One of the main benefits includes an instant salary advance of up to 90% of your  monthly take home salary, investment of additional funds daily in a Fund Management account with a 

return, retaining a balance of Rs.10,000/- in your BOC Smart Salary Saver account for day to day  expenses. (Conditions apply). 

Multi Currency Travel Card- MCTC.  

“BOC Multi-Currency Travel Card- MCTC” is now upgraded with benefits that add more security and  convenience with Near Field Communication (NFC) and 3-D secure authentication service for e commerce transactions. With a special permission obtained from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, this card  can be offered to students studying in foreign universities as well. Convenient and secured the new  “BOC MCTC” upgraded feature will secure travelers from possible threats that could occur and use the  card confidently. One card can be loaded up to five different currencies namely US Dollars, Sterling  Pounds, Euro, Japanese Yen and Australian Dollars. The cardholder can switch the card funds from one  currency to another via card holder self-care portal. Any traveler who is a resident Sri Lanka and is above  18 years of age can obtain this facility under exchange control regulations. Reloading facility is available  during the validity of the card and remote loading facility is available for students who are overseas for  their higher education. Eligible customers can conveniently obtain this Card at any Bank of Ceylon  branch across Sri Lanka.

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