Perera and Sons donates Reverse Osmosis plant to Trincomalee District Base Hospital

November 09, 2021

Perera and Sons donated a reverse osmosis (RO) plant to the Dialysis Unit of the  Trincomalee District Base Hospital. The reverse osmosis plant enables increased access to clean, safe drinking water, thereby reducing the incidence and spread of water borne diseases, and greatly minimizing exposure to chemical pollutants that may plague the local groundwater sources. This unit was manufactured by the expert engineers of the Sri Lanka Navy.

Established in 1940, the District Base Hospital Trincomalee currently encompasses a total of 97 doctors, 608 nurses and attendants, and 523 hospital beds including a specialized Dialysis Unit, affording care to individuals each day. The Dialysis Unit has 7 beds and treats 14 patients a day.  The 5 committed doctors, headed by Consultant Nephrologist Dr. Lakshman Weerasinghe stated that it was a dream come true in his career of 3 years at the Trincomalee Hospital to receive treated water to this unit.  The RO plant enables higher efficiency water treatment and will allow the hospital to generate a steady supply of uncontaminated water for both general and medical use, beneficial towards securing the health and safety of all patients and visitors. Perera and Sons stepped up to support the initial request for assistance from the Sri Lanka Navy and Dr Jagath Wickramaratne - Director of the District General Hospital. The donation showcases their long-term commitment to achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Goals 3 – Good Health and Well-being, and 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation, respectively.

Reverse Osmosis is a widely-used water treatment process which removes contamination by passing pressurized water through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane isolates pollutants and allows pure water molecules to pass through, while trapping and separating the contaminated molecules. The RO process filters out all possible contaminants, thus leaving behind clean drinking water for use. The RO plant will thereby ensure communal access to clean, consumable drinking water.

Commenting on this, Kamal Jaimon - Executive Director of Perera and Sons stated, “As a responsible, widely loved household brand, it is our priority to ensure the wellbeing of our local communities. Clean water has posed a major threat to mankind across the globe and sadly we as a nation, experience its devastating effects as well. Having access to clean water is one of the most important and basic human rights, and we are happy to play a part in ensuring this access by donating the RO plant.”

Ruvini Kariyawasam - Director Corporate Affairs of Perera and Sons commented, “This showcases our commitment and determination to give back to our society, helping the community progress towards a safer and more sustainable future while securing it for generations to come. We also hope this sheds light on the important role that clean water plays in our day-to-day lives, and endorse the responsible use of water.”

Gihan Perera, Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer – Perera and Sons stated, “Our CSR brand “Manumehewera” is a humanitarian venture which continues to be strengthened by care for those who truly need it. It is a journey embarked to fulfill a destiny that belongs to every human being - to truly live for one another. We will not be stopping here; we have more plans lined up to give back to the society.”

Perera and Sons, Sri Lanka’s leader in the quick service restaurant (QSR) industry, featured in the Top 100 Most Loved Brands for 2020 by LMD, embarked on its journey to serve Sri Lanka with the best possible meals over a century ago. Founded on traditions and values, the Company continues to create a sustainable future by integrating social responsibility and investing into the wellbeing of communities across our island nation.

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