SANASA Life Insurance Co PLC appoints Mr. Kennedy J. Michael as the Head of Human Resource Development

Mr. Kennedy J. Michael has been appointed as the Head of Human Resource Development at Sanasa Life Insurance Company PLC, one of the leading life insurance companies in the country.
With years of experience in the insurance and finance industries, Mr. Kennedy is considered a professional with extensive knowledge of accounting, financial economics, marketing and management.
 “We believe and recognize our employees as the most valuable resource we have, myself along with our HRD team is responsible for their personal development as well as their professional development. As an Organization, Sanasa Life has always been committed to employee welfare and development from its inception. It is my responsibility to continue that vision and work for the development of our workforce using locally and internationally recognized employee development strategies and best practices.” Said Mr. Kennedy commenting on his new appointment.
Sanasa Insurance Company, established in Sri Lanka in October 1991 as the All Ceylon Mutual Insurance Company (ALMAO), laid the foundation for SANASA Life Insurance Company PLC which could be recognized as the fastest growing life insurance company in Sri Lanka providing insurance solutions for thousands of Sri Lankans at a nominal fee.