Orel Smart TV partners with MRFA to bring top sporting entertainment to local audiences

December 20, 2022

As a pioneer in empowering humanity through innovation, Orel Corporation recently unveiled its Orel Smart TV brand, designed to deliver a superior experience to the consumer and setting set itself apart from the international and local giants currently prevalent in the market.

With the four pillars of the brand being connectivity, education, entertainment, and health, Orel Smart TV also signed a strategic partnership with Sri Lanka Mercantile Rugby Football Association (MRFA), making it the perfect brand for offering the viewer an edge of the action, excitement, drama and passion that the mercantile rugby series is famous for. The partnerships also entails in Orel Corporation sponsoring the “man of the series and the man of the match”.

Anuradha Perera, the Head Of Electronic Business said “this partnership is a vital component of our strategy to bring local sporting entertainment to wider audiences and we are very pleased to form this alliance. It also epitomizes Orel Corporation’s consistently demonstrated innovative spirit to bring new solutions, to empower the lifestyles of the Sri Lankan consumer. “

Giving an outline of the salient features of the brand, Anuradha explained that it is developed using components from globally reputed manufacturers to ensure reliability and a high-quality user experience, and utilises similar architectures found in high-end smart TV brands.

Complementing it’s advanced architecture, it is packed with remarkable features that include the slimmest design in the market, offering vivid and crisp viewing experiences with 16.7 million colours. Larger screens of 55 inches and above, feature ultra-high definition (UHD) 4K displays, which are the highest display specifications in the market ensuring a stunning and dazzling experience for the user. Furthermore, it offers Bluetooth connectivity, further enhancing the user experience. Along with Bluetooth, the Orel Smart TV is compatible with other common connectivity interfaces such as HDMI, USB, WiFi, and ethernet, allowing the user to connect various other devices and additional storage as well as to connect to the internet.

Furthermore, it is armed with the Android 9.0 operating system enabling users to download anything from the internet or any app from the Google Play app store just as on an Android smartphone. This makes the brand the first smart TV in Sri Lanka to be equipped with this version.

Orel Smart TV can be used to facilitate education and online classes, through apps such as Zoom, utilising USB webcams and microphones instead of utilising smartphones and computers. Thanks to the large screen sizes starting from 32 inches, parents can easily monitor the activity of children during the classes. As it can be viewed at a considerable distance it helps alleviate eye strain that is associated with prolonged viewing of smaller smartphone screens and computer screens. The ultra-viewing angle of the Orel Smart TV allows multiple viewers to watch the screen from almost anywhere in the room, making it ideal for corporate events such as Conferences and training programs.

Additionally, Orel Smart TV is also built with energy efficiency in mind and incorporates energy-efficient features such as automatic screensaver adding to the energy-saving nature of the brand. As the energy efficiency helps the user to save on energy costs, the Orel Smart TV offers the best value among fully loaded smart TVs by competitor brands, along with a 3-year warranty, making high-end smart TVs affordable for the Sri Lankan consumer.