Asian Mirror Revelation Compels Acting AG To Retain Senior State Counsel In Eknaligoda Case

February 08, 2016

After Asian Mirror exclusively reported Senior State Counsel Dilipa Pieris'  removal from Prageeth Eknaligoda's case, Acting Attorney General Suhada Gamlath came under heavy pressure from many sections of the legal fraternity, including the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.

Bar Association President Geoff Alagaratnam,  in a telephone conversation with the Acting Attorney General on Tuesday night, expressed their serious concerns over the decision. 

Some civil society members too carried out SMS and email campaigns in protest of the sudden decision made by Gamlath. They charged that Gamlath was attempting to protect certain elements involved in the case by appointing a relatively young and inexperienced Counsel from the Attorney General’s Department. 

As an immediate result of this resistance, Gamlath has now decided to reverse his decision and re - assign Pieris to the case. He telephoned the Senior State Counsel at 9. 15 pm on Monday and informed that he would not be taken out of the case, sources close to Gamlath confirmed.  

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