Sarath Fonseka Takes On President Sirisena During Budget Debate: Says Sirisena Is A Stumbling Block To Government's Progress

UNP MP Sarath Fonseka launched a blistering attack on President Maithripala Sirisena saying the latter has become a stumbling block to the government's activities. 

Speaking during the budget debate in Parliament, Fonseka said the head of state is the biggest obstacle to the government as he is trying to topple the UNP-led government. 

He added that the President's conduct was damaging to the country and its future. 

The former Army Commander, who was axed from the Cabinet of Ministers by President Sirisena last December, said it is not a surprise that the Ministers of the current Cabinet are ignoring the President's views

Sirisena said the ministers of the current government were ignoring his views on matters of national importance. 

Fonseka said the President had unfairly spent a large amount of money for the development activities in the Polonnaruwa district.  

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