President Sirisena Says He Will Not Allow The Government To Sign "Detrimental Agreements" With The United States

President Maithripala Sirisena said he would not allow the government to sign any foreign agreement threatening the country’s independence and sovereignty

"Although there are discussions in society about agreements such as SOFA and Millennium Challenge and a land act which is not suitable to the country, I will leave no room to sign such detrimental agreements," President Sirisena said addressing an event in Moneragala.

Sirisena also said when he took the lead in eradicating the drug menace, politicians as well as the officials came forward to protect the drug dealers.

"Innocent children of this country will have to bear the consequences of their unscrupulous acts in a few years. Those who file petitions against the death penalty irrespective of their positions or forms are the hidden paws of these drug kingpins," he added.

"One cannot ignore the damage caused by the illegal drug trafficking and it has developed into a national disaster. None of the politicians who assumed power in the past did not take actions against the drug dealers for their petty political gains. A considerable drawback can be seen in the drug trafficking due to the stern actions taken against it," Sirisena added.

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