"Cult Priest" Sparks Controversy: Purporting To Charge Mobile Phones With The Power Of God

Head priest of the Works of Wonder (WoW) Church Kirby De Lanerolle has made headlines again, months after he first burst into the spotlight for his infamous preaching, this time for a video in which he purports to be charging mobile phones with the power of God.

The video, which is circulating on social media, has spawned a variety of memes and comments.

Kirby de Lanerolle is no stranger to controversy. He first burst into the headline some years ago for his controversial claim that he was a breatharian, who lived only on air. Years later, in August this year, he made headlines again, when a U.S. Minister wrote warning of De Lanerolle’s “un-Biblical” teachings.

The revelation sparked a deep conversation online, with the National Christian Council of Sri Lanka, finally coming out against the WoW Church strongly, warning against the ‘cult church.’

The video of his exhorting a Sinhalese audience to raise their hands and ask God to charge their mobile phones with power or money has spawned many memes and jokes. There is even a change.org petition asking him to prove his Breatharianism in real time.


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