Former CID Director Shani Abeysekera Currently Being Grilled By CID On Swiss Embassy Worker's Alleged Abduction

Former Director of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) SSP Shani Abeysekeran is currently being grilled by the CID.

Abeysekera is making a statement to the CID on the alleged abduction of the Swiss Embassy worker which has sparked a controversy.

It was revealed in court earlier this week that Abeysekra had had extensive telephone conversations with former Lake House Chairman Krishantha Cooray and journalist Dharisha Bastians around the time the Swiss embassy worker was allegedly abducted.

Cooray and Bastians had maintained close links with the Embassy worker via telephone at the time the controversy broke out

The CID informed the court that Bastians had contacted the Embassy worker using a sim card registered under the name of Lakna Paranamanne, a journalist attached to AFP.

Both Bastians and Cooray have left the country after the controversy broke out, the CID also informed the court. Investigations are underway to ascertain whether they collective fabricated evidence in the alleged "abduction case".

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