Pressure Mounts On Government To Take Decisive Action Against Criminals Who Carried Out Ragging At J'Pura University

Pressure has mounted on the government to take decisive action against brutal ragging at the University of Sri Jayawardena which left a young student critically injured.

Pasindu Hirushan, a first-year student at the university, is currently under extensive medical care after being ragged by his seniors. It has now been revealed that the student was subjected to brutal torture.

No action has so far been taken against those who are responsible for the crime.

Meanwhile, issuing a statement, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said, "Extremely sad to hear about the horrendous incident which has sent a bright young university student to salvage his life through a life support system. Ragging should be banned and made a criminal offence with severe punitive measures in order to ensure its prevention."

"Let us all unite to ensure that those who perpetrated this heinous crime are prosecuted and severely punished so that it cannot be repeated in the future," he also added.

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