Ajith Rohana Says Police Constantly Probing Fake News Distributors On Social Media And Messaging Platforms

Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said internet Facebook, social media sites and instant messaging services like Viber and WhatsApp will be constantly investigated for fake news.

The statement comes after 40-year-old university administrator was arrested yesterday for posting on Facebook that 10 people had died to the Corona outbreak in Sri Lanka and the government was concealing the truth.

The administrator was remanded till April 1st by the Colombo Fort Magistrate yetserday.

Rohana said the Police were investigating three others for the same offience.

On the Acting IGP's instructions, close to 600 special roadblocks will be used across all police divisions in the country to prevent people from moving from one district to another when the curfew is lifted, he also added.

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