Solo Female Tourists In Danger In Sri Lanka? Beach Boys Exert Pressure, Local Police Turn Blind Eye

Solo female tourists, who already face so much harassment in Sri Lanka may be facing more difficulties while stranded here during this time.

Asian Mirror has learned of a situation in which a Russian female tourist in Hikkaduwa on the Southern coast is facing difficulties.

Another tourist, speaking on behalf of the Russian lady tourist had explained that a local beach boy had threatened the Russian female tourist with death after she decided she didn't want to meet him later even though she had been friendly towards him when they first met.

The female Russian tourist had made a complaint to the Hikkaduwa Police but even though the police initially promised to arrest the local beach boy for threatening to kill her, they had later spoken in an intimidating manner to her and dismissed her complaint saying that they could do nothing as the beach boy had not physically hurt her.

The tourists who informed about this story said the Russian female tourist was now living in fear, stranded away from her country due to coronavirus, and afraid to go out because of the local beach boys intimidating her and because the Police was turning a blind eye to the issue.

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