Senior Police officers must take responsibility lapses in Narcotics Bureau: AG

If senior Police officers cannot control the conduct of the officers working under them, they are not fit to serve in those positions, Attorney General Daapula De Livera said.

Speaking to a group of Police officers at the Colombo DIG office, the Attorney General said the officers supervising the Police Narcotics Bureau have failed in discharging their duties.

"Those who failed to supervise the conduct of the junior officers should take the responsibility of this serious lapse," the Attorney General said.

"This is an unprecedented incident in the history of our Police service. It has now been revealed that some Narcotics officers have maintained a 'network' with drug smugglers and dealers. This kind of incidents, needless to say, shatter the confidence of the public in the Police service.

"It will take a few months to conclude the investigations into this incident. Until then, we have to ensure that the public have faith in our law enforcement agencies," the AG added.

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