Use Military Intelligence to trace contacts: GMOA to Govt

In order to prevent a 'Second wave' of Covid-19 in Sri Lanka, the Government Medical Officers' Association yesterday requested the Government to use Military Intelligence and the MOH network to trace contacts.

In a letter to Dr. Anil Jasinghe, Director General of Health Services, GMOA Secretary Dr. Senal Fernando said the situation at Kandakadu Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre had created a severe risk of a “second wave” of COVID-19 outbreak in Sri Lanka.

"According to experiences of other countries, even those which controlled COVID-19 successfully, waves of outbreaks is the norm rather than an exception, the GMOA said.

In this context, the GMOA suggested the following measures to prevent a “Second Wave” of COVID 19.

1. Contact tracing using both MOH network and Military Intelligence.

2. Explore every possible way of increasing PCR testing capacity to meet necessary demands.

3. Apply aggressive testing and Test, Test, Test (repeated testing) strategy to identify COVID-19 patients.

4. Isolate contaminated areas to prevent spread to other areas (Zonal Lockdown).

5. Random sampling covering the entire country using scientific criteria to eliminate uncertainty of COVID-19 status.

6.Compartmentalizing high risk institutions and gatherings will prevent mass scale spread.

The GMOA also emphasised the importance of enhancing “social capital” to control the present crisis as restrictions have been relaxed and the citizens are getting back to their day to day activities.

The GMOA requested the Dr. Anil Jasinghe to consider and act on the above suggestions in order to control the COVID- 19 pandemic and to prevent a catastrophic “Second Wave”.

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