PM advises UNPers not to get involved in battle to capture Sirikotha

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa urged the UNPers not to get involved in the struggle to take control of 'Sirikotha'. \

Addressing a meeting in Moneragala, Rajapaksa siad those who are supporting the UNP must make a decision at this juncture.

"The party is now divided into two camps and now they are embroiled in their own power struggles. Why should we use our votes for their problems?" he asked.

The Prime Minister said senior leaders of the party have shifted to the national list as they know that they cannot get elected from the people's vote.

"They know they did not do anything over the past five years. So, they can't come back to people asking for their votes. These leaders only looked after themselves," he added.

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