GMOA releases 10- Point guideline to elect suitable candidate for Parliament

The Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) has requested the public to consider the 10- criterion to select the parliament representatives at the forthcoming General Election 2020.

It is mandatory to have a parliament which reinforces the main pillars of sustainable development including the health system and the bitter experience is that the so called representatives have failed to fulfill this essential requisite, it said.

Therefore, the public is of the opinion that 225 parliament representations were useless.

GMOA request the public to consider the following 10 criterion to select the parliament representatives

  1. A person who will stand against international trade agreements or otherwise being signed without formulating national polices for the relevant fields.
  2. A person who would advocate traditional food culture and food habits that will ensure better health of the citizens.
  3. A person who would stand for free health and free education whilst protecting the standards of medical education.
  4. A person who in principle is against narcotics, alcohol and smoking.
  5. A person whom you could trust of using public funds for the better benefit of the citizens.
  6. A person who will stand against the agendas of pharmaceutical mafia, imported milk powder, agrochemical and other multinational company mafias.
  7. A person who could work in unison with professionals while respecting their professional opinion and be sensitive to public opinion.
  8. A person who could actively contribute to update health related acts, circulars and ordinances that are old and obsolete, which in turn would benefit the entire society.
  9. A disciplined person who can adhere to the COVID-19 health guidelines while campaigning for the elections.
  10. A person who will stand against the Anti Establishment Campaign that’s directed towards destabilizing the country.
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