Seven Acres Of Forest Lands Have Been Destroyed Every Day Since The General Election - Rasika Jayakody

September 16, 2020

Approximately 07 acres of forest reserves in Sri Lanka have been destroyed daily since the last General Election, Samagi Tharuna Balawegaya Propaganda Secretary Rasika Jayakody said.

“According to media reports, 150 acres of forest land in Rathmale, Horowpathana, 2 acres in the Ramsar wetland in Anavilundawa, 100 acres in Wanathawilluwa - Eluwankulama and 30 acres in Kirinda have been destroyed during the past month. This means that 282 acres of forest lands have been destroyed in the last 41 days since August 6. That means approximately 7 acres of forest lands are being destroyed in this country every day. This is an extraordinary and unprecedented situation. In many places, deforestation is taking place under the protection and knowledge of politicians, but so far the law has not been enforced against those responsible for any of these incidents, ”he added.

"During the last presidential election, the SLPP called for eco-friendly development. Their propaganda campaign for the presidential election started with the plantation of a mango tree, but now it has all become a massive media show. "

"Now there is no point in passing the ball to anyone in this regard. It is the responsibility of the government to take action against wrongdoers irrespective of their political affiliations. Delaying justice in this deforestation means that the government is working to cover this up," he said.

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