Man dies after being bitten by a rabies infected fox

September 18, 2020

A man from Millaniya in Kalutara has died after being bitten by a rabies infected fox recently, official said.

Department of Wildlife Conservation Director (Health) Dr. Tharaka Prasad told media that following the reports about rabies infected dogs and foxes in the Millaniya area, the department had requested people in area to be cautious of rabies.

He requested the people not to walk alone on roads, not to send children to school alone and not to walk at night for at least two weeks to prevent rabies-infected fox attacks.

He also said few months ago Buffalo and a cow were found with severe symptoms and abnormal behaviour and later they were found dead.

The Wildlife Department requested the people in the area to contact the Department via the hotline 1992 to bring the situation under control.

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