"I Was 09 Weeks Pregnant When My Consultant Assaulted Me In Hospital": Doctor Explains Her Ordeal

November 11, 2020

Sagarika Senanayake, the pregnant doctor who was assaulted by Dr. Krishantha Perera, a specialist at the Cancer Surgery Unit of the Karapitiya Hospital in Galle, said she had been subjected to torture by her senior on multiple occassions.

Addressing a media briefing, Dr. Senanayake said she was working at the hospital on Sunday, October 18. She also said that during the morning ward observation, Dr. Krishantha Perera, the specialist in charge of her ward, hit her on the head.

She said that she had been beaten on several previous occasions and on one occasion in the operating theatre as well. She said she was verbally and physically abused by the specialist.

Dr. Sagarika Senanayake had told the media that she was 9 weeks pregnant at the time of the last attack by the specialist and that the specialist had knowingly tortured her.

When reporters asked about the reason for the specialist doctor's violent behavior, Dr. Senanayake said she did not know why, and that Dr. Perera treated different doctors differently and that she found out about the ward in as little as six months.

She stated that she was not the only one being assaulted and that even the nurses on the ward were constantly assaulted and that no one came forward to speak about it.

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