Any Person Who Dies At Home Would Be Subjected To PCR On Recommendation Of Coroner Or Magistrate

November 12, 2020

The Director General of Health Services, Dr. Asela Gunawardena says that the body of any person who dies at home will be subjected to a PCR examination on the recommendation of a coroner or a magistrate.

He said the decision would apply to COVID high-risk areas as well as low-risk areas.

In the event of a death at home, the body is usually cremated with the consent of the health department and a Grama Niladhari, or taken to a hospital for post-mortem examination.

These days, however, funerals are not held until the person who dies at home is confirmed to be infected with COVID. The decision to perform a PCR test on a body would be made on the recommendation of the coroner or magistrate of the area.

In addition, PCR tests would be conducted on suspected corpses in case of unnatural deaths such as homicide or suicide in highrisk areas.

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