New Low In Parliamentary Debates: Two MPs Debate Sizes Of Their Private Parts During Budget Debate

November 24, 2020

Stooping to a new low in Sri Lanka's parliamentary debates, two lawmakers today censured each other in the House alluding to the sizes of their private parts.

The argument was sparked when opposition MP Ranjan Ramanayake referred to Eliyantha White, a controversial medical practitioner who is known to have close connections with powerful political figures.

Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage then interjected Ramanayake's speech and made an offensive remark alluding to the "size" of Ramanayake’s private parts.

Ramanayake retorted saying the ex-wife of the Minister had a better understanding of the matter. "It's good that you told me about this. I didn't know!" Aluthgamage said responding to the opposition lawmaker.

The name of the ex-wife of Minister Aluthgamage was also mentioned during the exchange.

"I have been in Parliament for nearly three decades. But this is the first time I heard an argument about the private parts of MPs," a senior ruling party MP who wished to remain anonymous said. He also expressed concerns that these remarks were made during the budget debate when the country’s economy was engulfed in a serious crisis.

"It is good that we don't have schoolchildren in the public gallery these days due to the pandemic fear. Otherwise, these obscene debates would have set a terrible example,” he added.

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