[VIDEO] Female Officer At RDA Assaulted By Her Boss: Brutal Workplace Harassment At Government Office

November 24, 2020

Releasing a shocking video, a female staff officer at the Road Development Authority (RDA) office in Udugampola showed how she was assaulted by her boss at the workplace.

According to the video, the female officer had been assaulted for a minor delay in finding a telephone number for the boss. She had apparently found the telephone number in five minutes but the senior officer had still assaulted her for failing to follow the order “in time.”

The female worker had been saved from the boss by some of her male co-workers who rushed to the scene. In the video she tells her coworkers that she has been continuously subjected to severe harassment by her boss.

The video is being shared widely on social media. According to initial reports, the incident had taken place yesterday.

This is the second documented case of serious workplace harassment against women in Sri Lanka in two weeks. On an earlier occasion, a doctor at the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital said she was assaulted by her Consultant when was nine-weeks pregnant.


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